HA..HA..HAlloween in San Carlos

It was a warm and sunny late afternoon when the monsters started running in from the street to the Totonaka RV Park office area to receive their Treats, or give their Tricks! Of course, treats were being given!

In a big hurry to collect their treatThey were in a hurry!

And so many great costumes! Some said ‘Thank you!’ (Gracias) after being given their treat, but many just turned and ran on, ready to go collect more elsewhere!

Jose surrounded by Trick or TreatersJose besieged by Trick or Treaters!

It wasn’t long before Jose needed to refill his candy basket. And they just kept coming!

They just kept comingAnother two families of Trick or Treaters

But as the night grew darker the activity dropped off, and the ambiance returned to peace and quiet. Aside from the evening’s flurry of Trick or Treaters, this Halloween was, gratefully, calm and serene.

Only a few old cattle skulls left to remind us of HalloweenOnly a few old cattle skulls left to remind us that Halloween came and went!



    1. Hey, Jane, great to hear from you! Yes, I will miss seeing you again, too. Have a wonderful winter in PS and I always love seeing your posts on FB.

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