Big Bus Tour Day Through Buenos Aires!

Caught the very first morning bus of the three loop tour that covers the main city parts of Buenos Aires. This is a hop-on/hop-off open-topped tour bus that allows people to see some of the major points of interest throughout the city. There are three loops, each marked by a different color, and from each loop you can catch a bus for the next color loop.  I started with the Blue Line loop that took us through a section of town that the guidebooks (and even the tour guides) warn tourists about. I didn’t get off, though others did.

One of the many things I found fascinating in BA was the amount of sculptures that are everywhere! Yes, this soccer player is a sculpture!

And here were some people sitting outside on their precarious porch!

We passed a market place being set up for the weekend.

And then the bus swung back into the downtown area again to become the Red Line loop, where we passed enormous skyscrapers again.

When the bus made a stop near Plaza San Martin, I stepped off to relax in the park …

… and discovered the 300 year old tree …

… with branches sturdily supported …

… it’s so large one can hardly believe it …

Do you see the person behind the fence in the picture above? She’s reading a sign that’s inside the fence, and her head just reaches the top of the fence line. The limbs are so long, large and strong that limbs that have grown outside the fence end up getting sat upon by people!

And of course there’s a fabulous statue depicting the history of General San Martin …

… and more incredible architecture on all the park corners.

Wandering away from the Plaza San Martin, I came across a train station.

And returning to Plaza San Martin to catch the next Red Line bus, I passed a park with a totem pole!

A row of very cool looking trees asked me to take their picture!

And then I boarded the next Red Line bus for my NEXT hop-off destination – Floralis Generica!

Pretty spectacular! My next destination was a large zoo that had at one time been very elegantly built, but has deteriorated, as has the care of the animals, and with all the rising animal-consciousness and protests against animal slavery, the zoo is being wound down and will be closed, remodeled and re-opened at a later date no longer as a zoo, but as other commercial activities. Thank goodness!

The founder/creator of the zoo, along with some of the animals.

through the water green with algae are schools of what look to be catfish.

And flamingos line the far shore of the pond.

Yet another sculpture…I haven’t shown them all, there are so many!…this time of a man wrestling with a Ram.

Some of the original structures built to house the captive animals, now no longer used.

The layout of the entire Zoo – it’s substantially large!

When I entered the Reptilian area, I had no idea I’d see ….

… some desperate turtles trying to preserve their dying community!

This was really heartbreaking … bears in  solitary confinement.

Even the elephant was totally alone. These are social creatures! How tragic!

Don’t think I’ve ever seen this animal before.

Vultures drying their wings.

And bison at the door of the beautiful old home of the founder.

And an Alpaca, I think …

This was terribly sad to see. These Rhinos looked almost dead!

But the giraffe’s looked in good shape!

The Zoo exit was just after the giraffes, thank goodness, and I walked back out to the street where the Red Bus line would be picking me up. There was a huge traffic circle there, with this majestic statue in the middle.

My next jump-off place was in the Palermo district. I walked across the square and found a gorgeous restaurant – SANS!

It was definitely time for lunch!

After lunch I hopped back on another Red Line bus and headed back towards the initial pick-up point, as it was too late in the day to do the Green Line loop.  Took one last hop-off in an area called Recoleta where an amazing Crafts Market is held on a daily basis. Before I hopped off, the bus fare woman gave me a 24 hour extension on my ticket so I could ride the Green Line loop the next day. Very kind of her! Right near the Crafts Market in Recoleta is a 400 (!) year old tree!

A gorgeous sculpture holds up one of the huge limbs.

The Crafts Market had every imaginable item for sale you could imagine!

And a bubble maker was keeping the children well entertained!

Of course, there were many kinds of traditional foods.

And Mate cups! Mate for Argentinians is like coffee for Americans, only even more so!

How long has it been since I’ve seen these old phone booths?

This outdoor dining area was all PINK!

Another statue graced the entrance to yet another restaurant!

And yet more outside dining!

And outdoor entertainment right next to the restaurant! She was really good, too!

All of this in the area of Recoleta! Definitely a section of Buenos Aires you should visit if you ever go to Argentina!

Caught my last Red Bus line ride back to the central area, past more buildings of beautiful architecture.

The bus dropped me off a couple miles away from Art Factory Hostel where I was staying, so on my leisurely walk back I took a few more pictures.

Mate cups are everywhere!

Almost back to the Art Factory Hostel, I began to wonder if I was in Washington, D.C. But NO! This is Buenos Aires, Argentina! And tomorrow I would finish up my bus tour with the Green Line loop!


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