Exploring Buenos Aires, Day 2!

Waking up to my first full day in Buenos Aires, I studied the city maps before deciding to walk again down to the Puerto Madero waterfront where I had dined the previous night. This time, however, I would explore just beyond it into the large Ecological Reserve.

Along the route I was surprised to see a large bicycle renting station. It turns out, these are placed all throughout the city!

Arriving down along the waterway again, only this time in a different location, I was impressed by the width of the canal, the modern skyscrapers, and the incredible bridges.

Having crossed the canal but still not quite to the Ecological Reserve, I saw an interesting looking Museum that, due to my love of humor, enticed me in.

It provided an interesting look at Argentinian’s humor, but not the opportunity to take pictures inside. Carrying on, I came to a number of small trailer food stands lined along a smaller waterway.

And another incredible sculpture!

Still recovering from the 3 days worth of travel to arrive in Argentina, I circled back toward the Art Factory Hostel without having entered the main part of the Ecological Reserve.

There are so many wonderful places to eat all over town, I polished off my second day with another outdoor meal. My energy needed to be back in full swing by tomorrow, as a bus tour all over Buenos Aires was on my docket!


    1. Thanks, Trina! This trip was from Jan. 5 – April 5 in 2017. I just haven’t gotten around to writing about it til now 🙂 Thanks for your great feedback! Love to you, too! Say

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