Penguins and Dinosaurs! OH MY!

Caught the day trip tour bus from Puerto Madryn south for the hour and a half drive to Punto Tombo penguin refuge. The baby penguins were born two or three months back, so they’re now almost the size of the adults. The difference is in their feathers…the juveniles are still more gray than black and white like the adults. The refuge area is HUGE! And so are the numbers of penguins. I was given an estimate of 300,000 penguins in this one refuge area alone!

I was totally amazed at how fast they can swim underwater! Their swimming style is similar to dolphins and equally as speedy!

Yours truly thoroughly enjoying watching these amazing aquatic birds!

There are many hundreds of penguins in this one patch of desert-like land. And there are many land patches of this type spread along the ocean front of this coastline.

The penguins like to hang out beneath the foot bridges – great place to find shade from the sun!

They’re not too afraid of humans, either! This little feller was taking a rest and didn’t mind that I sat down next to him!

But after a couple minutes he stood up and moved away.

Also in the same area are Guanacos (llamas) and a bird that looks like an Emu but is called Chuique, I think it was.

After the penguin refuge we were off to see the Dinosaur Museum in the town called Trelew. What a spectacular Museum! And INCREDIBLY large dinosaurs! I had not realized that the largest dinosaur skeletons in the WORLD have been found in Argentina!

Once you’ve completed the walk around the main level of the Museum, you can climb a staircase to an upper level where swimming and flying reptiles are displayed.

Back downstairs again, the Museum’s laboratory is cased behind glass which allows one to see more displays of the work that goes on behind the scenes.

I was almost totally saturated with learning about the giants that used to roam South America, but then I heard there was one more small Museum where the LARGEST dinosaur skeletons were on display – to my surprise it was in Puerto Madryn! The following morning before departing for my next destination – El Calafate – I stopped in at the large building to see what they had to show!



The two monstrous skeletons, one a Carnivore and the other an Herbivore, were incredibly impressive!

And then I was off with my bus trip to Comodoro Rivadavia where I would catch a most unusual and breathtaking flight to El Calafate, which is perched at the base of the Andes in Patagonia!




  1. Hey Sayward, am very jealous of your Penguin encounter. Fell in love with them after seeing Happy Feet movie in 2006 with my friend’s 9 year old son!! Adele

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