Puerto Madryn – A Destination Get-Away!

The overnight bus ride from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn dropped me at the bus terminal where there was an amazing sculpture of a whale. Puerto Madryn sits on the coast just south of a huge peninsula where all types of sea life live, are protected, and made into tourist attractions.

On the walk from the bus terminal to the Hi Patagonia Hostel I passed more sculptures and parks. One sculpture was of a fireman who had rescued a young girl – he was depicted as an angel with wings!

After arriving at Hi Patagonia Hostel (LOVED it!) and resting for a little while, the surf and sand were calling. What a gorgeous beach town!

And what an amazing trampoline system they had for the children! I was tempted to try it myself, but didn’t.

Walking along the main street paralleling the beach, there were many tree trunks down the sidewalk that had been turned into fantastic sculptures.

And then there was a roller blade park!!

And vendors!!

I had walked about half a mile down the beach from the point where I’d started at which was near Hi Patagonia Hostel, and just before I decided to walk out on the Port Pier I took another look back down the beach from whence I’d come. Even this little Port city of Puerto Madryn had its number of skyscrapers! Amazing!

Walking out onto the Pier, I was surprised – but shouldn’t have been – to see people fishing from it!

A Catamaran Tour boat and a Navy Vessel were both moored along the Pier.

What an incredible place I’d arrived to. On my return walk a gorgeous restaurant called my name as I passed. Decided to splurge with a shrimp dinner. And a beer, of course!

I was looking forward to exploring this area – not only are there whales, sea lions, and dolphins in this region, but there are penguins and dinosaurs waiting to be discovered!