The Magnificent Rio Azul!

Less than 3 miles from downtown El Bolson one can reach the trails of the Rio Azul and the nearby hill that has the rock formation called Cabeza del Indio. On my way out of town I passed a couple of political paintings that reminded me that the 70s are still alive and well in El Bolson! The sad thing is, though, the world’s problems are still the same, and worse! Strange way to start the day!

After crossing the bridge that leads to the west side of the valley where the large Rio Azul flows, I found the trail that led to Cabeza del Indio.

It’s a stunning natural formation of an child that appears to be crying!

On the way back down the hill to catch the trail that leads to the Rio Azul, the views were spectacular!

Found the grassy walk that leads to the Rio Azul!

Once along the shores of the Rio Azul, I could see a suspension bridge that beckoned …

… It looked a little precarious …

… but I made it across!

Lo and Behold! There was lodging available on this remote west side of the Rio Azul!

Walking down to the river’s edge, the clarity and color of the water were astounding!

Several large rocks had been sculptured by the water’s force.

Crossing back over the suspension bridge, I headed along the path that leads to a park about a mile down river.

A gate to restrict horses and other large animals (cattle?) protects the trail along the river at the park entrance.

Walking back along the hot dusty dirt road, a car stopped and picked me up to give me a lift back into town. At my request they dropped me off  just before the bridge I had crossed earlier this morning. This allowed me the opportunity to walk slowly back into the bustling town – a chance to adapt more gently from Nature to Busy-Ness.

It was time to check email and write notes of my day while sipping a great coffee and eating a naughty sweet!

El Bolson was a beautiful, vivacious, incredible area, but now I was making plans to go to San Martin de los Andes, a lakeside town near the border of Chile in Argentina’s Lake District. The bus ride there would take me past some of the most stunning scenery that exists in the world!