A Scenic Stroll Through Salta!

My hostel in Salta was located only five blocks from a large central park – but there are parks spread all throughout Salta, so during my stroll I would see several more! This one, though, was complemented not only with statuary but with pigeons!

It was delightful to see the young boy enjoying the pigeons and the pigeons didn’t seem to mind!

Some of the flowering trees have the most exotic blooms!

And as in the rest of Argentina, the statuary is exemplary! This young boy is picking a thorn from his foot!

And this happy looking fellow is greeting people at the entrance to this building!

Around the centrally located park are some very large and architecturally impressive buildings!

This is not your normal church!

Along my walk and only eight blocks away from the previous park, I came across a market with craft stands that completely circumfrenced this one-city-block-sized park!

They had everything from lampshades …

… to handcrafted cheeses …

… to beautiful wood art …

… to unique looking plants …

… to gorgeous silver items …

… to beautiful jewelry and stones …

… and even some artistically crafted lamps and clocks! Wow!

It was a lovely market!

Continuing on with my walk, I passed a very nice looking restaurant!

And THEN I came to a highly curious area! Some incredible artists had created exceptionally good paintings of some rather disturbingly dark images on the side of a long concrete wall! The number 25 is in almost every one of them, making it obvious that there might have been a gnarly political event associated with that number!

Returning to my hostel via a different route, I passed yet another park that was honoring a military aircraft!

And a plaque depicting an historical event!

I also passed an attractive government building!

Rather worn out from all the walking, I settled in to my favorite restaurant for a dinner of salmon, eggs, greens and lemonade!

It had been an interesting day, and tomorrow would be stupendous! I was catching a tour bus for the entire day up into three famous little towns north of Salta that sit near the border of Bolivia! They and the countryside would prove MORE than incredible!


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