Cordoba’s National Sciences Academy and Parque Sarmiento!

The open-topped tour bus didn’t leave for it’s afternoon drive around Cordoba until 4 p.m. which left me with several hours to sight-see on my own before catching it! Around the St. Martin Plaza area I saw this interesting looking National Science Academy Museum and entered to see what they had! What an amazing place!

Their Museo de Paleontologia had great displays of the dinosaur age!

I found these info posters very helpful – you can see the parts of Argentina where the various finds displayed in this museum were unearthed! These artifacts were from the Cenozoico Era.

These ancient tusks were HUGE!

This jaw was over a foot long!

Here’s info on the Mesozoico Era and the Argentinian locations where more artifacts were found.

It was interesting to see the size of these creatures – 50 cm long!

Each different Museum had its own giant room. This was the Museo de Mineralogia!

I was surprised to see its info on the meteor crater of Arizona, but then as I walked around and saw more, I realized they have gems and mineral rocks from all over the world in this museum!

This map was of particular interest to me – I don’t think I’d ever seen the breakup of Pangaea displayed with the different Eras. It was helpful for me to understand the Eras better!

Here’s another helpful chart with the types of finds this museum displays shown on the left side!

I found this illustration humorous as well as informational!

These clay pots were interesting! What kind of being might this represent – an Alien?

This one’s obviously some type of large cat family critter!

This creature doesn’t look so pleasant!

What amazing pipes! Wonder what they smoked … !

After leaving the Museums and not far down the street was a highly stylized statue of a person reading a book and being influenced by a flying being (angel?) behind and above her!

The statue was in front of the Colegio de Escribanos – the School of Notary Publics!

It was almost 4 p.m. so I boarded the bus a little early to get a great seat on the top! It was waiting at the corner of St. Martin Plaza!

And off we went, through many parts of the downtown area I’d already walked through!

These fountains are huge! I’m on the top of a bus looking down on them. The water spouts are over 10′ high!

More fascinating buildings!

And old colonial architecture – so stunning!

Then the bus went into Parque Sarmiento past the lakes where I had been after being hit by the car, and on up to the highest knoll overlooking Cordoba! It’s an enormous and well-kept park!

Here’s our cool old tour bus – I hadn’t realized it was SO old until I looked into the engine the driver was letting cool off!

On our return into town we took a different route which passed us by still another section of the park that had this unique sculpture!

See that curious building in the distance?

We were going to pass right by it!

I’ve never seen a bridge like this before!

It’s the Bicentennial Civic Center in Cordoba!

And finally we returned in front of the cathedral on the corner of St. Martin Plaza! What a day!

On my walk back to the hostel I saw a beautiful restaurant and decided to try their smoked salmon and capers appetizer! It was DELICIOUS!

My wrist had greatly improved, but the legs, knees and shoulders were paining from the auto hit two days ago. The respiratory inflammation had died down a little but was still there and not budging! It was time for the countryside! Nature can cure anything! Tomorrow I would catch a bus for Capilla del Monte where the UFOs have been spotted in the nearby mountains! Who knows? Maybe I’d finally have a genuine sighting! But in any case, it would be great just to be closer to natural greenery and the untamed outdoors! Couldn’t wait!


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