Aliens and a Dique in Capilla Del Monte!

I had hoped to hike Mt. Uritorco just outside the quaint quiet village of Capilla Del Monte to see if I could spot any UFO activity, as much has been claimed to happen up there, but when I learned it was a five or six hour hike up and four hours down, I passed –  I was still suffering with too much respiratory inflammation to take on that extreme of an endeavor! Bummer!

BUT … I am pleased to say that I saw one of ‘Theirs’ downtown! He must have come down for the hat and handkerchief, as it was so hot ‘in them thar hills!’

While staying at the Los Tres Gomez Hostel I met a most enjoyable young fellow traveler from Israel. His name was Amit and we decided to walk to the Dique El Cahon as an afternoon adventure stroll together! On the way we stopped first at one of the reservoir’s arms extending in toward the town. I was surprised to see how much algae there was floating in the water!

Looking across the reservoir’s arm we could see the area we would be hiking later to get to the Dique (dam or dyke). For now, though, we were headed toward a small boat park along a beach inside the reservoir.

At the small boat park there were kayaks and other water vessels to rent, picnic tables, a couple small docks and a large hosing down area.  Looking across the reservoir we could almost see where the dam was on the far left.

Retracing our steps, we headed back to the reservoir arm and followed the road along its other side. We passed a large children’s water slide in a good-sized play park!

From the elevation we were now at, we could see the small boat park in the distance and the reservoir arm we had walked along on that far side!

We could also see a part of Capilla del Monte.

Before reaching the Dique we saw this little pyramid!

Its door was locked but Amit took a look through the window and told me he could see what was inside!

It appeared to be a meditation center, with crystal bowls, crystal rocks and pyramids, and pillows for sitting comfort!

And then we arrived at the Dique el Cajon! Zooming in, I snapped this shot!

But we were still a short walk from it!

Arriving at the Dique, you could see steps heading down on the outside wall of the dam!

We walked across it …

… saw the river below …

… the Alien’s getaway vessel moored on the reservoir side –

… and saw a much better view of the staircase heading down the front wall of the dam from this side!

A small tourist information plaza was featured on this side of the dam! Quite helpful!

If you look closely at this map, you can see where Capilla del Monte is located in reference to Cordoba – it’s called C. Del Monte and is northwest of Cordoba. Directly west of Cordoba is shown V Carlos Paz – that is where I would be heading tomorrow. Southwest of Cordoba is shown VA Gral Belgrano which stands for Villa General Belgrano – my last major stop before returning to Buenos Aires for my flight back to the northern hemisphere!

What a delightful day with Nature and my new fellow-traveler acquaintance, Amit! The most interesting, easy-going, enjoyable male I had spent time with in AGES! Thank you again, Amit, for such a lovely stroll! Your company was a relaxing pleasure!

Los Tres Gomes Hostel has grapes offering shade to the outside seating areas!

Amit and another fellow traveler in the glorious shade outside courtyard area of Los Tres Gomez Hostel!

We celebrated the day with a delicious dinner we both cooked up together! That was fun, tasty and healthy!

But, my inflammation was still roaring! I was not healing very fast, if at all! I decided to go to a town called Villa Carlos Paz and treat myself to a hotel for a week in an effort to focus solely on recovering from the respiratory inflammation that was still raging rampant throughout my lungs, ears and nose! There was only a couple weeks left before I would be flying and in order for my ears to pop property on the flight, I needed to get rid of this torment! And I’d heard so many wonderful things about Villa Carlos Paz! What a treat I was in for!


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