Lago San Roque Walk at Villa Carlos Paz!

The heavy congestion in my lungs, ears and nose had worsened, so I hunkered down in my private room at Hotel Temu in Villa Carlos Paz and allowed myself to rest as much as possible in order to rid myself of the tenacious respiratory inflammation I had contracted at least a month earlier!

After resting for several days my energy returned a little, so I went out for a walk along the town’s large reservoir lake called Lago San Roque. I was stunned to see so much green algae in its waters! NOT a good sign!

As the water deepened, the algae seemed to lessen! Still, I’m not sure I’d eat the fish from here!

Many years ago I had a little bike rental business with this same type of bicycle! It was fun to see them for rent here!

Kayak and paddle boat rental businesses dotted the waterfront closer to town. Sculling boats like this one were available, too!

The lake’s water line appeared to be a trifle low …this was a boat launch area!

I passed by lots more fishermen with windsurfers in the background! It’s a good-sized lake!

That afternoon after arriving back to my hotel room, I enjoyed watching the sail boats from my fourth story window!

Evening settled in gently, peacefully …

… and I got a little more rest before my next day’s journey up the gondola, Aerosilla! What awesome views THAT would provide!


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