A Serene Stroll Along the Algae-Filled Rio San Antonio!

Villa Carlos Paz is a startling beautiful area … but it has a tragedy happening! Heading out for a stroll along the Rio San Antonio, I was horrified at the level of pollution this river contains! And there seems to be NOBODY doing ANYTHING about it!

This set of pipes may be one of the largest culprits, but there may also be other pipes spewing what appears to be oil into the river!

These cement park chairs offer a scenic view, dampened only by the green algae and plastic pollution in the Rio San Antonio!

I spoke with several people about it and got nowhere! Were I in my old role of many years back being Chairperson of the Conservation Commission, this dreadful problem would be tackled immediately!

Fortunately, further upriver appeared to be fairly clean and large birds such as the white crane in the right corner of the river bend were seen everywhere!

Occasionally along the river these interestingly-shaped spill-overs were formed that also served as a walkway from one side to the other!

This would be my turn-around point where I crossed the river and walked back to town on the other side. Vehicles could drive across this spillway though none did while I was on it, thankfully, as the concrete road lane was covered in a few inches of water!

See the toe of my shoe?

Looking back to whence I came!

Bushes of colorful flowers sided the road I now ascended!

Back into town, this incredible artwork in another park caught my attention!

And across the street was a building that had several unique art pieces in its lawnscape!

The building was the City Hall of Villa Carlos Paz!

It even had community pools overlooking the Rio San Antonio!

That evening I devoured a delicious healthy meal! My wellness was slowly starting to return, but still not enough to be certain my ears would pop as needed on the return air flight!

I had spent a week in Villa Carlos Paz looking after myself, sleeping a bunch, lying in the sun by Hotel Temu’s pool, and in general taking care of my health first before anything else. It seemed to have been working!

My next stop was the breath-taking town of Villa General Belgrano! I had heard SO many wonderful things about this beer-brewing German town that celebrates Oktoberfest every year with a huge festival! I could never have imagined how artistically appointed and architecturally stunning Villa General Belgrano would be!