Villa Carlos Paz Views from the Top of Aerosilla!

A mile’s walk through the beautiful streets of Villa Carlos Paz brought me to the base of the chair lift and fun park known as Aerosilla! You can just see the long blue water slide on the far left!

I purchased my ticket and walked up to the chair lift boarding station!

Arriving at the top …

… I was blown away by the view of Villa Carlos Paz and Lago San Roque!

See that bridge with the arches? My Hotel Temu was two blocks up on the right across from the big white high rise buildings you can see on the left!

At the top I discovered there was more to see and do! A walk on the metal bridge across the valley directly behind the knoll the chair lift had dropped us at brought us to a large building under construction – it was being turned into a new attraction – a museum? And beyond that was a trail up to a lookout point I followed.

The new trail had an old trail breaking off it to the lookout vista on the hill behind the chair lift, so I took the old ‘way of the Indigenous’.

At the vista point we could go no further, but we were looking up to the higher peak above us!

Zooming in on the view back to Villa Carlos Paz, I snapped this one! The mountains in the background are a long way off!

It was time to head back to the chair lift – there is a two hour break for the workers from 12:30 until 2:30, so everyone on the mountain had to ride the chair lift back down to the base!

But at the top of the chair lift I snapped a few last second photos! This one is of a rest area!

These photos show the development that has occurred in Villa Carlos Paz since 1954 when Aerosillo was opened to 1994 and then 2014!

This display shows some of the old cog wheels that ran the old cables for chair lifts of days gone by!

Compare today’s chair lift that seats two …

… to the old chair lift that seated one!

An interesting mural at one of the buildings on top of a woman breaking free from her chains! This is a world-wide issue!

The chair lift station at the top had beautiful landscaping with pools …

… and waterfalls!

What a gorgeous ride back down!

My respiratory inflammation was slowly diminishing and my energy levels were creeping back! Tomorrow I would take a stroll along Villa Carlos Paz’s river – the Rio San Antonio. There was a long system of parks and trails on both sides and it looked like a good exercise method while seeing more Nature in this area! Little did I realize what I would witness!


  1. Fabulous photos! Anyone notice the Airesillo billboard with the European woman figure in it? Then the next photo with indigeneous woman breaking free of shackles. Ironic juxtaposition. 😉

    1. Good catch, Amaya! 🙂 Glad you noticed that! Thanks for the compliment on the photos. They’re not all good, but sometimes I get lucky!

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