The German Beer Town of Villa General Belgrano!

If you ever go to Argentina, you MUST visit Villa General Belgrano! It’s reputation is world-renowned for its German architecture and fantastic local brews! It’s delightfully small yet has so much going on down on main street that you will NEVER get bored! I wasn’t visiting in October, but had I been, I’m sure it would have been overwhelming to participate in the world-famous Oktoberfest they hold here!

Let’s take a walk through Villa General Belgrano! We’ll start at the circular roundabout park near the beginning of the downtown area!

It truly appears as though I’d been teleported to Germany!

The incredible wooden sculptures are literally EVERYWHERE!

Fine chocolates and wines are in fierce competition with the beer!

One of the numerous outdoor restaurants! Of course, they offer inside seating as well!

Beer steins of every size and material are available everywhere!

Look out for this guy! He’s got a knife! And sausages!

A street performer singing while her two boys collect tips!

I had this nice fellow bring me a keg back to my hostel – hee hee!

What a totally amazing day exploring Villa General Belgrano! I was so surprised to see this type of town in Argentina – it was completely different than anywhere else I’d been in this country!

It’s a high mountain town that has excellent agricultural conditions, which is why it was founded by two German speculators in 1930. The town’s name – Villa General Belgrano – is in honor of the man who created the Argentinian flag – Manuel Belgrano!

I learned in talking with several locals that there are many different European nationalities living here – not just German. The local history is quite intriguing – people from all over Europe migrated here after 1934 because free land was being offered for farming and development! They came from everywhere, but especially Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria! The town now has just over 6,200 occupants.

There are only two other Oktoberfests in the world that are more celebrated than this one – those are of Munich, Germany and Blumenau in Brazil.

And – it has gorgeous river parks running through the entire town! I would be walking through them tomorrow! Another stunningly beautiful stroll through Nature!


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