La Cumbrecita – The German Mountain Village!

La Cumbrecita is a small hamlet nestled at almost 5,000′ in the Calamuchita Valley next to the Grand Sierras in the Cordoba region. Smaller than Villa General Belgrano and situated in the rolling foothills of the Sierras, it is a pedestrian style town that focuses on eco-tourism. Many hikes and other outdoor adventures are available through the tour offices at the beginning of this small village. The Rio del Medio courses along the lower parts of the entire town. It was calm, scenic and perfect for a one-day stroll!

Many different types of adventures were waiting to be had!

This building houses both the Tourism and Post Offices!

As you can see via this map, the town is quite small. The red lines are the main roads – all roads are pedestrian as well as vehicles! But there are very few vehicles!

Here, too, as in Villa General Belgrano, there are excellent wooden sculptures! Note how these elves are standing atop a spotted mushroom?

The red-capped white spotted mushrooms are seen everywhere  in this  town. There is a reason – these are poisonous Amenita mushrooms and they grow EVERYWHERE here in the woods!

This building houses the town’s Police Posse!

Unlike Villa General Belgrano which is quite flat, this town is nothing but hills and valleys!

This lovely park called Plaza of the Pioneers stretches between the lower road that loops around at the end of town and becomes the upper road back into the central town area. You can walk from the lower road to the upper road through this park with all its beautiful wooden sculptures.

I was headed to a trail that would take me to Tres Cascadas – three waterfalls – so I stayed on the lower road and passed this lovely home!

This is an Artisan shop – there were many!

I found the route to Tres Cascadas but first I had to cross this suspension bridge!

I made it! Another mile’s walk on a dirt road brought me to an area where I should have found the trailhead. It was difficult to find, but I did see this interesting tractor tourist train!

And I found a sign leading to a children’s outdoor training camp!

Many outdoor sporting classes were taught here: zip lining, rock climbing and the like. The camp was closed but I walked around its premises anyway.

From it’s zip-line deck I could see where it was I was trying to go – one of the three cascades was staring at me in the distance!

I finally found the right trail after much searching and had to cross a different river’s suspension bridge!

The trails were well made of large stone slabs.

And voila! The poisonous Amanita’s started popping up everywhere!

Finally – a trail sign! I was on the right track!

But I still could not find the right path to any vista point that would allow me to see the three cascades! I COULD see the children’s camp directly across from me, though, so I knew where the waterfall was, just couldn’t access it! Bummed and tired, I headed back to the roads of town …

… while passing more poisonous Amenita’s on the way!

Once on the town’s main loop road again I saw this gentleman fishing! What a catch!

And I also passed this beautiful waterfall-filled pool called La Olla!

One of the other tourists (there were many) told me about Trout Lake, so of course I was off to find it!

It was much easier to locate than the Tres Cascadas!

But I saw not a single trout anywhere!

The water coursing through the rocks of this river create the smoothest stone bed!

On the upper section of the loop road I passed yet another wooden sculpture – this one is at the top of the Pioneers park I had passed on the lower road earlier!

Quite possibly the tiniest church I have ever seen!

This rock staircase appeared to have been carved into the side of the cliff!

As I neared the central area there was yet another wooden sculpture! This guy is breaking the rules and feeding all the animals!

A little water pool was quite charming and refreshing …

… and this lovely mansion or motel – whatever – was incredibly beautiful!

Almost into the miniature downtown area, I passed by a HUGE hotel! This village must really bustle in the high season!

I was getting hungry so I stopped in at this attractive restaurant and ordered a meal.

There’s not much to choose from other than various sorts of meats and potatoes! And beer, of course! Salads are hard to find!

And then it was time to head across the river back to the bus terminal for our return trip to Villa General Belgrano! It had been a lovely day – a great last visit of the German region of the Cordoba area!

A somewhat cloudy day had cleared into a gorgeous afternoon! What a beautiful town this was!

I was looking forward to my trip to Buenos Aires! My bus would leave tomorrow and I had decided to visit Uruguay via the one-day ferry trip out of BA! I had a couple days to fill before my flight home, so why not visit Uruguay while I could? Who knows when I’d ever be back to this neck of the planet again? Or how long I’ll even live? One never knows what will happen! Make hay while the sun shines, the saying goes! So that’s what I planned to do!


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  2. Did you ever think why this village looks like german village? Hundreds of Nazi German escapes to Argentina after 2WW. So you visited the Nazi village. I will never do that! I will never spend an 1 euro cent in this place. Fuck them all!

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