Dancing the Night Fan-Tango at Cafe Tortoni!

This was my last night in Buenos Aires and Argentina overall until who knows when!?! So Cassandra – a wonderful hostel dorm mate from New Zealand – and I were going to spend this special night watching the Tango performance at Cafe Tortoni!

The show didn’t start until 9:30 p.m. so we went early to get a bite to eat. The history of this place is amazing! Cafe Tortoni was opened in 1858 and has been a favorite hangout of the cultural elite to watch live Tango performances since then!

There was literally a line outside the door of people waiting for a table to open up! We had to wait, too! But not long, thank goodness!

Check the curled woodwork and windows – Gorgeous!

Cassandra and me at our table! What a stunning interior – EVERYTHING!

Even a cut glass art ceiling piece!

The pastries were incredible – I looked but did not touch!

And the bar! WOW!

Our food arrived. She had some pastries and coffee. I had a salad! Real balsamic vinegar and high quality olive oil!

After eating we strolled through the small museum and art gallery tucked inside Cafe Tortoni! So much history here!

Then, 15 minutes before the show was to begin, we were allowed to enter the very small theater seating area – we were first in line and chose the front side table! So grateful!

After each dance the Tango couple would go behind the curtain and change their outfits while the blond lady standing by the mirror would keep us entertained with historical information and humor!

When they were changed they’d come out for their next dance! The music was performed by a pianist, an accordion player, and a base guitarist. They were nestled in the perimeters of the stage and were excellent! The sound was perfect!

Their outfits look a bit Irish here!

And truly snazzy here!

One of the classic Tango poses!

After an hour and a half they took their last bow! What a splendiferous night!

As all seats in the house were sold, we had shared the table with a father/son team – John and David! They were good travelers together! Enjoyed learning about their religious volunteer endeavors around the world!

Cassandra and I walked back to the hostel, exchanged contact info, and called it a night! We had big days tomorrow! Me with my flight back to the Northern Hemisphere, and her with a flight to El Calafate!

My three month trip in Argentina had come to a close! It had been an amazing adventure of incredible sights, eye-opening information, a wonderful collection of new friends, new experiences, and whole new perspectives and understandings about this planet we call Earth!

The main message I always come away with from all my travels is that no matter where one is anywhere in the world, we as humans have far more similarities than differences.  And we,  including all the animals and Nature, need a healthy planet Earth to live on.

In the end, there is no doubt in my mind that EVERYTHING is really ONE! It’s only the perimeters of our skin that make us think that we are separate, but in truth, science has long ago proven that there is less matter than space in even the most dense of materials.

So, I try to live by the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You! Cuz, after all, we are all ONE!

And with that last message in the Argentina category, I shall Fan-Tango my way back home! See you next time in Portugal and Spain!



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