Celebrating Itchie-Free Days in Pucon!

It was AMAZING! After just 4 days of eating wholesome foods and then yesterday’s trip to soak in the healing hot spring pools of Termas Geometricas, the horrible itching red welts all over my body and on the bottoms of my feet had – DISAPPEARED! Incredible! What a relief! Now my challenge was …since Chilemore …

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Majestic Pucon, Chile!

The 5-hour bus ride from San Martin de los Andes to the Andean pass and down into Pucon, Chile, was easy going and beautiful. Even the border crossing was uneventful … except that I figured out how to smuggle my food in without them catching it … that was a little exciting. I was comingmore …

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The Magnificent Rio Azul!

Less than 3 miles from downtown El Bolson one can reach the trails of the Rio Azul and the nearby hill that has the rock formation called Cabeza del Indio. On my way out of town I passed a couple of political paintings that reminded me that the 70s are still alive and well inmore …

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