Cienfuego – Cuba’s Southwestern Port!

Rose early, caught my first Viazul bus ride from the pickup point in central Vinales. By 7:30 a.m. we were underway. We had a couple stops before the long almost-straight-through haul to Cienfuego. During the first stop the very kind gentleman sitting next to me departed in Pinar del Rio to begin his one weekmore …

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Valley of Vinales!

The road that brings one into the Valley of Vinales provides a stunning view! To approach the valley the pavement climbs a large hill, then crests, then starts descending, and WOW! The lush green valley unfolds, back-dropped by the limestone up-croppings called magotes which bring to mind scenery images from the movie Lord of themore …

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Viva la Cuba! We Begin in Havana!

When Cuba opened up for United States citizens, I kept hearing from fellow travelers, “Better go soon before it changes!” Having now just returned from a month’s travels throughout the western half of Cuba, my response to that comment would be: “Wait until economic relations equalize between the U.S. and Cuba.” As it stands asmore …

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