Sun, Sweat, Cervezas and Singing!

What an amazing time it has been here in San Carlos, and before that, Puerto Penasco. I was 9 days in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), and met lovely new friends, snorkeled almost daily and enjoyed seeing all the incredible artwork for sale at the beach – nicely polished iron wood carvings, silver and shell jewelry, straw gaucho hats, colorfully woven blankets, and so much more.  From there, a one day’s drive brought me further south to San Carlos. I pulled in to the Totonaka RV Park and have been here now for almost 3 weeks, getting ready for my first big trip – Cuba!

Totonaka RV Park PoolsideTotonaka RV Park Poolside Area

So many things to plan and prepare for – and the days have been scorchers! Every one of them, up until today, have been well above the norm for temps and humidity! In looking at the North American weather map a few days ago, it clearly showed that this entire coastline on the eastern shores of the Sea of Cortez were THE HOTTEST of anywhere in either Mexico or the U.S.!

So, of course, a few ice cold beers in the evening help refresh one’s boiling body! Tecate had been my favorite Mexican brand until I tried Bohemian which is even better!

The beach in front of Soggy Pesos Restaurant and BarThe beach in front of Soggy Pesos Restaurant and Bar

At two weeks before my departure date for Cuba, I met Christine and she helped me fix up this new website to get it professionally operating. I had been concerned I wouldn’t be able to have it ready before leaving to Cuba, but she’s a highly skilled website builder of many years. She assured me it would be no problem. She was recommended to me by the owner of Totonaka RV Park because she built their website last year and they’re very happy with it. Check it out – this is where I’m at!

Totonaka RV Park

She sat down with me and in just two hours she had straightened out all the snafus and even shown me everything about how to use this Poseidon theme! She was AWESOME. And how fortunate it was to meet her right here in this RV Park!  If you need a website built, contact her! She’s the best! She wastes no time, is very thorough, and knows exactly what she’s doing.       Christine Lecavalier

She and her husband Bernard and their beautiful dog and cat are traveling on down to Lo de Marcos which is just north of Sayulita, which is just north of Puerta Vallarta. We shared a fun afternoon together in Guaymas, a city just southeast of San Carlos. Here she is cooling off in front of a large fan at a hardware store we stopped at.

Christine cooling in front of fanChristine cooling off in front of fan

Now there are only 5 more days before my flight departs from Cuba. Still a few things to arrange but I’m mostly ahead of it all.

A few days ago a wonderful Canadian couple  was here in the park. Before they left for Lo de Marcos we had a chance to share a few evenings together. Heather is a singing guitarist and it was so enjoyable to join in on the old songs with her in the evenings. Bon Voyage, Heather and Peter! I hope to see you again someday!

Heather singing old favoritesHeather singing old favorites

And now it’s evening….you know what THAT means! Yup – you got it! Cervezas! And more singing! Only this time it’s solo, like a she-wolf serenading the silent sparkling stars against the deep dark night.

Be Well, My Friends, and Enjoy Life!




    1. Hey, so wonderful to hear from you! I’ll never forget meeting you! Yes, it’s gotten pretty American down here in lots of the stores. When were you here last? Which parts of MX were you in? I’m not too far from the border so there’s Sam’s Club, WalMart and even a Starbucks in Guaymas!

  1. Hi Say! I am so happy for you. You’re living your dream and not too many people have the opportunity to do what you’re
    doing. I am really looking forward to your updates. Maybe when I win a huge jackpot I can catch up with you somewhere
    on down the road. You are an incredible person, Say. Safe travels my friend.

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