Green Line Tour and Defense Street Market!

Surprisingly, it rained all night, and when I woke in the morning the sky was overcast and the temperature much cooler than the gorgeous warm sunny day yesterday. But, this was early January 2017 weather – summer was still coming on, while for those of us who live north of the equator, winter was unleashing itself.

The Green Line Bus Tour went relatively quickly compared to the Red Line Tour yesterday because I didn’t hop off anywhere except to connect back to the Red Line in Palermo. It wrapped around the waterfront past a large restaurant and pier, past an airport and several other restaurants, past a soccer stadium and then past the entrance arch to Chinatown!

Hopped off the bus in Palermo to have lunch once more at SANS Restaurant where I had eaten yesterday.

After the Green Line Tour was finished, I was walking back to the Art Factory Hostel when I happened upon Defense Street Market. It extended over 10 pedestrian-only blocks and had many extraordinary items for sale!

After over an hour checking everything out, I was meandering back to the Art Factory Hostel when I heard incredibly good 60s music. It was hard to tell whether it was a record from the past being blared loudly, or a genuine live band. But then I came upon it! It was an amazing band! And the lead singer who was belting out the songs so incredibly well was not much taller than 4′ 6″, if that! Wearing tan shorts and a black t-shirt, his voice must have had at least a 3-octave range! So of course I had to stay and listen for almost another hour. At that point I was quite tired and headed back to call it an evening. Needed to rest up because my next destination was Puerto Madryn via a long bus ride…to see the amazing penguin colony and dinosaur museums!



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