Glacier Moreno in it’s Glory!

Caught the bus in downtown El Calafate at about 9:30 a.m. and by 11 a.m. we pulled into Glacier Moreno parking lot. We had only 3.5 hours to see the glacier before the bus would pick us up again, so I hustled as fast as possible to the strong metal walkway that led about 1/4 mile for a face-to-face view of Glacier Moreno.

I saw the tour boat in the distance but Raoul had mentioned it really wasn’t worth taking as the tour was quite expensive and only lasted 30 minutes, whereas the walk along the metal paths were elevated above the water which provided better views and you had no time limit to enjoy the scenery, other than your bus pick-up schedule.

There were great overlook platforms and signage throughout the entire trail system.

Every direction had stunning vistas!

Such a gorgeous environment and fresh air… how can one not be happy?

A relatively small chunk of ice fell and left a little white spot in the water below. When these calvings occur they happen so quickly it’s really hard to catch them on camera unless you’re videoing.

A larger view of the same scene, just to give perspective.

In the distance a huge chunk calved off and left a large area of floating white ice pieces in the water.

I started eyeing a specific crack between two chunks of ice that appeared to be slowly widening.

While waiting for it to give way, other pieces further in the distance kept dropping into the lake with their loud booms and tell-tale floating ice patches!

Meanwhile, I was almost CERTAIN the crack I was watching was growing larger …

… so while it was taking its time, the sun came out. You can see the splitting ice just to the left side of my head.

And then, it finally decided to GO!

Except it wasn’t the piece I’d been watching, but another one further away! Which just goes to show ya …! Nature cannot be predicted! At least, not by me!

With one last look at spectacular Glacier Moreno, I headed back along the well-built metal paths to the tourism center where the bus would pick us up. It had been an incredible day of beauty in Nature!

The Divine Stillness one can experience in Nature can bring a person’s spirit from turmoil to peace, from hatred to love, from illness to health, from down to up. Leaving Glacier Moreno that day, I felt a sense of wonder and wholeness I had not been blessed with for quite awhile. The world of mankind is one of many difficult challenges, and though the world of Nature also has its challenges, it can breathe a force of life back into a culture-battered being.

Renewed with joy and energy to carry on, I contemplated the wilderness trails of El Chalten that was on my schedule for tomorrow. I was looking forward to another spiritually uplifting experience out in Mother Nature!


    1. So glad you’re enjoying it! Great to hear from you! Hope all’s going well and that you’re enjoying life to the max! 🙂

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