El Bolson The Bountiful!

Back in the 70s the hippies started flocking to the valley area of El Bolson. The Mediterranean-like climate is perfect for growing all types of vegetables and food trees, and the nearby lake – Lago Puelo – is fed by several large crystal-clean rivers which all add life and ambiance to the region. The hippies are still there and the town has become a tourist destination. Throughout the entire week a large market called Feria Regional is open in the central park. When I arrived in El Bolson and began to walk around, the market was impossible to miss – it’s so HUGE!

There was even massage therapy available!

The park that the market is in was well-filled with people, and this was the middle of the week!

And the little pond in the middle of the park was being enjoyed by many as well!

All TYPES of entertainment were available!

Even drumming!

And then these strange creatures were staring at me as I walked by!

If that weren’t scary enough, look what critters were scampering around on the NEXT table I passed!

Magnificent wooden tree sculptures are plentiful throughout this region!

Metal sculptures are prevalent, too!

And then I passed an amazing young artist who creates out-of-this-world paintings!

It was an extraordinary market to wander through and enjoy, but it left me wanting Nature again. I caught a bus for Lago Puelo, a lovely lake less than an hour away! That’s up next!