Hiking to Bosque Tallado!

Just a couple miles outside El Bolson a dirt road turns off the main drag and heads up into the foothills of a mountain range that borders one side of this verdant valley. The dirt road was steep and 8 kilometers long to my destination. I held out my thumb to hitch from the few cars that were passing by that early in the morning. NO one stopped, and yet they ALL were going to the very same place I was … there’s nothing else UP this road!

Finally, about 1.5 miles before arriving at the Trailhead parking lot, a tour van slid to a stop and I hopped in. The van was almost full with tourists on their way to hike the same trail I would be walking. After we parked and deboarded, Luis, the driver, let me know that I could ride back down to town with them later that afternoon.  That was SOOO kind of him!

Headed up the quiet well worn path that led to Bosque Tallado.

What a stunning view of El Bolson and its incredible valley bordered by mountain ranges!

And then the wooden sculptures started to appear … EVERYWHERE!

And the woods were filled with gorgeous flowers as well!

And OH! The VIEWS!

But, back to the sculptures!

A funny thing happened on the way to this destination … I learned there was more further on! Like a major lookout point from a cabin called Refugio Piltriquitron that was perched on a relatively flat area just below the highest jagged crown peaks of this mountain ridge! So, of course I had to walk up the trail to see it – only another 3 kilometers!

One last look at the spectacular view before heading back down the trail!

And while waiting for the tour van to arrive, I meandered down a short side trail from the parking lot and discovered a launch pad for paragliders!

They were all waiting for the wind to pick up which usually happens in the late afternoon. Today didn’t look too promising for them, though. It was dead calm.

The van arrived, we all loaded up and were driven back into El Bolson. Luis, the driver, would not accept any money from me! Not even a tip! What a sweet person!

Tomorrow I’m going to hike along the Rio Azul – cannot wait!



  1. OH Gosh Sayward, the flowers, vistas were gorgeous and the talent of wood carvers amazing. What a lovey excursion and you are looking good by the way!….Adele

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