The Lovely Blue of Lago Puelo!

The bus took less than an hour from El Bolson to Lago Puelo. This is a National Park area and is incredibly beautiful!

A large marina held very few boats.

But there was some activity going on it it, nonetheless.

One of the rivers feeding the lake spreads out and is very shallow at its mouth. A fisherman was using this point to fish from.

I would have dearly enjoyed kayaking this lake!

But instead I sunbathed on the shore.

Walking back through the small town to catch the return bus to El Bolson, I passed another park with another wooden sculpture.

And, of course, another beautiful restaurant …

… and another small market!

Too many markets today! I need Nature again! So tomorrow I have an incredible hike planned that will take me high into the mountains to see the Bosque Tallado – the wooden sculptures carved into the trees high up in the forest!



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