The Mountain Lakes Town of San Martin de los Andes!

The bus ride from El Bolson to beautiful Bariloche and on to drop-dead gorgeous Villa la Angostura before arriving in breath-taking San Martin de Los Andes was staggeringly stunning! Argentina’s Lakes Region is one of the most incredibly gorgeous areas I have ever seen! And the hostel I stayed at in San Martin de los Andes was the nicest one I had been in yet! It’s name is Ladera Norte Hostel.

Strolling through the artistically wood-built downtown, the colorful statuary grabbed my attention.

I also couldn’t help but wonder how I had suddenly arrived in Ireland! Time travel? A wormhole?

And the next minute I thought I was in Holland!!

Found another Market… of course!

And more statues!

Check out this Eco-Taxi!

While walking through some blocks away from the center of town I came across THIS amazing piece of work!

The town of San Martin de los Andes was gorgeous enough, but then you go to the Lago Lacar and practically melt in the beauty!

And there’s even a worn out trampoline and some climbing walls right near the beach!

And a gorgeous restaurant with great lake views!

There wasn’t a single old building in town! All were new and beautifully built!

I took a stroll down the beach away from the crowds and looked back …pretty busy beach!

As I started to walk back to the hostel I passed a number of different types of travel vans!

And even weird trailers!

Such amazing architecture all throughout town!

And gorgeous flowers!

The last day I was in San Martin de los Andes I met an interesting young man traveling in his van with his dog. His van wears New Mexico plates and he has brought it all the way down through Central America and across on the ferry from Panama to Colombia! Quite the traveler! Made me a tad envious!

The back story is that he’s retired from six years of service in the U.S. military as a physicist, and has now been on the road traveling for one year and eight months looking for an EcoCommunity to join.

Meet the handsome Ben and his lovely Mexican rescue dog, Lorenzo!

Took one last stroll through the downtown streets of San Martin de los Andes the night before I was leaving and happened upon a cool band!

And  tomorrow I would be off to Chile – yes, Chile! Many fellow travelers had told me about the wonders of Chile and raved about a town called Pucon… and Pucon was just over the border from where I was now. So why not? I would be in a hostel that sits on a lake at the base of a large, still active volcano… what could possibly go wrong?





  1. Wow what an incredible place. I thought that VW van had water catchment on the roof which came down in a small gutter but I think it’s roof racks.
    Pictures are so beautiful

    1. Yes, it was beautiful, as was the entire trip! Can’t remember what he told me about his system but it actually may be true it’s a gravity water feed.

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