Celebrating Itchie-Free Days in Pucon!

It was AMAZING! After just 4 days of eating wholesome foods and then yesterday’s trip to soak in the healing hot spring pools of Termas Geometricas, the horrible itching red welts all over my body and on the bottoms of my feet had – DISAPPEARED! Incredible! What a relief!

Now my challenge was …since Chile is a bit healthier in its food and chemical use than is Argentina, do I stick with my original plan and return to Argentina? Or spend the next two months traveling in Chili? It took a bit of contemplating but eventually, due to the peculiarities with airline flights and also the desire to see the rest of Argentina, I decided to return to Argentina and finish seeing that country. I would come to Chile another time.

My last few days in Pucon at Chili Kiwi Hostel were spent rising in the morning for the gob-smacking view of Volcan Villarrica …

… watching the Black Pearl depart with her load of captured prisoners …

… gawking at the modern vehicles around town …

… listening to an excellent musician practicing his bagpipes right outside the Chili Kiwi entrance …

… and enjoying getting acquainted with other fellow travelers. This woman was on an amazing mission around the world!

On a downtown stroll I got to check out the climbing route of the Volcano – yes! Tours go everyday up an active volcano … I know, I know! That’s why I didn’t go!

This map of Pucon shows where Chili Kiwi Hostel is – it’s red dot #21 on the lower bay right on the water!

And here’s a picture of a picture of Pucon on the two bays of Lake Villarrica with Volcan Villarrica in the background!

All types of activities happen along the main drag through Pucon, including artisans sales …

… flowers …

… and chocolates!  YUmmmmmMMMM!

I met a number of other single women travelers and very much enjoyed hearing their adventures! This picture was  taken in front of Chili Kiwi Hostel.

Chili Kiwi Hostel even rented out bikes and kayaks for day use! Glad to have stayed at this great place!

The owners of Chili Kiwi Hostel – one from New Zealand and the other from Chili – have made the place fantastically Hobbit-like, in a way.

Even the inside of Chili Kiwi Hostel is highly attractive and well-decorated!

And get a load of THIS little VW bus!

On my last day in Pucon I strolled to the highly recommended coffee shop called Patagonia Coffee!

It was THE BEST I’d tasted on my entire trip so far!

On the return walk I passed a climbing wall …

… and an outdoor restaurant with live music!

And then back to Chili Kiwi! What an incredible one-week visit this had been to Pucon. I highly recommend both the town and the hostel to any of you out there who are traveling to this part of the Andes.

And now I catch an evening bus that takes me overnight to Santiago where I catch another bus that will take me over the Andean Mountains and back into Argentina to the wine country of Mendoza! Hang on! We are going for a RIDE!


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