Exploring the Wine Town of Mendoza!

My first full day in Mendoza was spent exploring the town. There is a major park that is surrounded by four smaller parks, all separated by about five blocks from each other. My plan was to start learning about Mendoza by seeing these five parks, the large central one and the four surrounding ones. As I walked to them, I passed through the downtown areas.

I had not seen this before along a street!

And I was surprised to see how much litter there was in the water ways!

The sculptures along the walkways were quite artistic!

And then I saw this curious entrance-way to the London Center … London Center? Where am I?

Ah! I’m back in Argentina! This was a sculpture in the first park I was visiting!

This stunning building was on the adjacent street corner!

There is a main pedestrian-only walkway that leads to the central park which is surrounded by the four smaller parks.

Along that walkway is an amazing little Italian restaurant called Cafe Jack’s that served a great cappuccino!

Later, I passed an amazing tree …

… that sported heavy duty thorns!

And, of course, I happened upon another vendors market within one of the parks!

One of the parks had this artistic metal creation alerting passersby that they were in Mendoza City!

According to this sculpture, a man was trying to dominate a very large fish!

Another curious sculpture …

… and yet another! A nursing wolf? … strange …

And yet MORE sculptures I did not understand … I assumed they were telling the history of the region’s founding.

Meandering back towards my hostel, I passed a nice looking restaurant – there were many of these along the way.

Another nice restaurant, a little further on.

Passing through the third park.

Wow! Major corporations are everywhere here in Argentina!

This is the large central park that is surrounded by the four smaller parks. Impressive pool!

This park had a large mural display that depicted some of the history of the region.

It was really hard for me to see that an area so well known for its wines, and such a tourist destination, had some of the WORST infrastructure I had seen anywhere in Argentina!

But, in contrast, it had some truly incredible graffiti! And – all of it was around a huge major governmental center!

Here’s the government building all this graffiti was painted around… may the people rise!

And yet MORE graffiti on the other side!

Who doesn’t understand what THIS is all about ? …

And then I was back in corporation land …!

… and the degraded infrastructure!

It was all an interesting eye-opener! I had expected more from Argentina’s world-famous wine center of Mendoza! Thankfully, there were a bunch of wonderful fellow traveler comrades staying at my hostel that wanted to go out that night for beers! Praise the Universe, I joined them, and we all tripped to London! ( Maybe the London Center I saw earlier had a connection to all this!)

Thankfully, there’s always another side to everything, and the next day would prove more inspiring with a bicycle tour through Mendoza’s wine country! Now THAT was truly BEAUTIFUL!


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