The Magical World of Termas Geometrica!

The tour van swung by Chili Kiwi Hostel to pick us up for our one hour ride to Termas Geometrica. I had decided on this particular hot springs – though there were many to choose from – because it was highly recommended by the hostel owner who worked at the front desk every day. I figured he should know! We were a full van!

The driver was very accommodating in stopping to let us take pictures of Volcan Villarrica as we passed within close proximity on our route to the hot springs.

Termas Geometrica is located in a narrow canyon where extreme hot and cold water are both available. This hot springs is narrow, climbs steadily higher via the boardwalks, has 21 pools (most hot with different temps, but 3 are cold), and sports the most incredible large leafed ferns and other plants I’ve ever seen!

The first pool was so busy I decided to walk up the narrow canyon to the very first pool, taking pictures of them all as I went, and then work my way down, hopefully having time to soak a few minutes in each pool!

Look at the size of these plants! They obviously LOVE this environment!

And then I reached the ice-cold falls!

There were several areas along the boardwalk that had dressing rooms – a helpful convenience for bathers.

Check out the old water wheel … some history lurks there, I’m sure!

Slightly beautiful, huh? 🙂

By the end of the afternoon I was pretty well relaxed! The hazy look to the photo is due to the steam from the warm water.

Everybody else was relaxed, too! Very mellow!

Just inside the entrance to Termas Geometricas there is a small rustic restaurant …

… with old-style stoves literally burning wood in them! And exhaust pipes for the smoke! Great set-up for an area so remote!

The tour van driver was waiting for us right on time. As we drove the gravel mountain road back to the main paved road we passed a grass-sod roof building – the driver was very obliging in stopping so I could take a picture!

Back in Pucon and down on the beach in front of Chili Kiwi Hostel – look what went by! A tour train!

It had been a gorgeous relaxing day – just what I needed. A glorious sunset topped it off!

And the horrible itchies seemed to be disappearing! My relief was enormous! But now the question was … do I carry on in Chile? Or go back to Argentina? Eenie Meenie Miney Moe … what to do… what to do…!?!