Majestic Pucon, Chile!

The 5-hour bus ride from San Martin de los Andes to the Andean pass and down into Pucon, Chile, was easy going and beautiful. Even the border crossing was uneventful … except that I figured out how to smuggle my food in without them catching it … that was a little exciting.

I was coming to Pucon for just one week to try to get healthy again. Two weeks prior while in Argentina I had broken out with a skin rash that after hours of time on the internet trying to self-diagnose, I had finally identified as Allergic Contact Dermatitis. While Argentina is stunningly attractive and the people are very friendly, sadly most of the entire country is deeply affected by the large corporations of Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow and others who have become heavily vested in the country’s economy. As a result, there is an astounding level of obesity throughout the country that I would NEVER have guessed before coming. And the illnesses from chemicals and GMOs have gone off the charts in some areas. So – I was hoping that Chile would be healthier and that I would recover from the swollen red  itchies all over my body – including the bottoms of my feet!

“Pucón is a town in central Chile’s Lake District, lying on Lake Villarrica overlooked by the snow-capped Villarrica volcano. An adventure tourism hub, it’s renowned for access to hiking trails, water sports, white-water rafting and kayaking as well as skiing and snowboarding. The surrounding terrain ranges from lakeside beaches to temperate rainforest. Natural hot springs are found in nearby forested valleys.”  –  – Taken from a Google search. Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

Early the next morning after arriving at the Chile Kiwi Hostel (which had just won the Trip Advisor Award for being Best Hostel in South America) I headed out for an early exploratory walk. The hostel is situated at the edge of a bay on Lake Villarrica with stunning views of the active volcano, Volcán Villarrica, to the south.

Only two blocks from Chili Kiwi Hostel I discovered the Black Pearl was moored!

… along with its escorts!

I looked around for Captain Jack Sparrow but he may have abandoned ship – couldn’t find him! (ha ha!)

The path was lined with roses – lovely!

And then  – BOOM! I was suddenly in … Germany?!! NORWAY???

Pucon sits on two bays that are separated by a small hilly peninsula. After crossing the neck of the peninsula to the northern bay, I was amazed at how different it was from Chili Kiwi’s quiet boat-parking bird-dwelling bay. This upper bay was designed for tourist beach activities! Because it was still quite early in the morning the beach was empty and no businesses were yet open. Nice and quiet!

I’d never seen this type of trampoline before! It would have been fun to see in action!

And then I spied the Water Park in the distance!

Holy Smokes! Times sure have changed since I was a kid and used to swing on trees and play in the dirt for fun!

Later on that morning a Marathon ran right by Chili Kiwi’s front door! Made me remember the days back when … ahhhh, but there I go waxing sentimental again!

They came, and they went – a lot like life …!

The Chili Kiwi Hostel was not only an excellent place to stay, but their laundry detergents were biodegradable, the restaurants in town were serving non-GMO organic foods, and there were no smells of chemical sprays in the hostel, restaurants or supermarkets that I can recall, which was all highly different than what I had experienced in Argentina. Hopefully my itchies would go away soon, and just to help expedite the process, I decided to take a tour to one of the acclaimed hot springs in the area – Termas Geometrica! That’s next!


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