The Ancient Redlands of Parque Nacional Talampaya!

The tour transport car pulled up to the hostel door at 8:30 a.m. and we were off for the hour and a half drive north to Parque Nacional Talampaya! It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful drive through mostly dry desert country!

The outside area of the Visitor’s Center was quite attractive.

The left section of the wall map shows an aerial view of the route our tour bus would take through the Park.

When our bus pulled in to pick us up, I could hardly believe it! We were really going on an expedition!

The last two people we were waiting for walked over from the modern, highly informative Visitor’s Center.

The bus went through a small dust storm but fortunately it cleared and we arrived at our first walk. This sign shows the route of the boardwalk and some of the petroglyphs that have been found engraved into the rocks by the Natives many hundreds of years ago!

See the design on this sign? There’s a rock near the sign that has these images engraved into it.

They look a little like space men or astronauts!

Across the canyon floor to the other side was a rock formation that resembled Egypt’s Sphinx!

The rock formations are incredible!

Upon returning to our tour bus we were allowed to sit on top!


Our tour bus stopped and we hopped out for a short walk and break!


We boarded up, rode a little further and hopped off again for another boardwalk tour.

When we returned from the tour – there was a WINE and SNACK BREAK! I had not known this was included! What a nice surprise!

One of our tour members enticed a wasp into his wine glass – accidentally, of course!

But it didn’t scare him! He drank his wine anyway! Brave man!

Our table of delectable hors d’oeuvres!

Our Happy Hour group!

Enjoying our wine stop!

If you look super hard you can make out my blue top at the base of this cliff right smack dab in the middle! …just to give a little perspective on how HUGE these cliff walls are!

We loaded up again, drove further, and disembarked for a another walk-around!

Here’s where we hopped out again!

While walking, I came upon some tracks …

… and then I spied the Rhea!

We loaded up and were off again for the end of our road destination. Along the way I saw this royal rock formation wearing a cloud crown!

We went for our last boardwalk!

Doesn’t this look like somebody from Star Wars?

The view through the tour bus windshield on the return drive to the Visitor’s Center!

The dirt road ahead needs to constantly be rebuilt due to its washing away with every rain event!

Back at the Visitor’s Center, I walked across the dirt road to the outdoor dinosaur displays!

Wrapping up the circular desert dinosaur walk, I noticed that the dinosaur who’s at the front entrance has his tail sticking out the backside of the building! Very clever and extraordinarily artistic!

Our group from San Agustin de Valle Fertil loaded up in our hired transport car and headed back to our hostel.

It had been a spectacular day! We were all greatly impressed with this park. And now I was looking forward to yet ANOTHER large park tomorrow – Ischigualasto Nacional Parque! I’d heard it was quite different yet equally spectacular! Personally, I didn’t know how ANY Park could top the one we’d just seen, but I was open for surprises!


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