Bicycle Wine Tour!

What a wonderful idea – a bicycle wine tour! I’d never heard of it before, so of course I had to join the group that was going from our hostel! We caught a bus for a half hour ride out of Mendoza to Mr. Hugo’s where we were given our bike for the day’s adventure. His bike shop is located within a very short distance of a number of wineries!

Our first winery was only a 15 minute ride from Mr. Hugo’s bike shop!

After a tour of that winery and then a few tastings in their tasting room, we hopped on our bikes and rode a couple miles to the next place we wanted to see … a small natural brewery housed in a cob building! With bottles embedded in the walls! I LOVE this kind of construction!

Hopping on our bikes again, we pedaled to a winery only a mile away. Their outdoor tasting deck was on the second floor overlooking their vineyards and fruit orchards!

They didn’t offer a tour at this winery, but as we climbed the stairs to the second floor you can see part of their fermentation facilities!

And they had an attractive metal grape sculpture hanging near the entrance door!

But mostly we enjoyed their wines! This place was beautiful, peacefully serene, and the wines were pretty good!

By now the afternoon was well under way. We had one more winery to visit before we needed to get out bikes back to Mr. Hugo’s! Off we pedaled, but not very far! Less than a quarter mile!

There was no tour offered at this winery, either, but with a walk around the building one could see lots of old wine-making machinery!

One last look at one of their beautiful newly-planted vineyards, and we were off on our bikes again!

Arriving back to Mr. Hugo’s, we visited with other bicyclers for a little while before catching the bus into Mendoza again. It had been a most enjoyable day with good wines, fun company and fantastic scenery! Not to mention a little bit of much-needed exercise!

And tomorrow? Ahhh – I planned to visit Mendoza’s super large and verdantly green famous Parque San Martin! It’s so huge it has it’s own lake! Looking forward …!


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