Mendoza’s Elegant Park – Parque San Martin!

It was a hot Sunday morning walk about a mile through Mendoza to reach the Parque San Martin. I passed a lovely section of town not far from my hostel that has statuary sitting on a bench!

Along the route I noticed many multi-national corporate businesses – more than I’d seen in any other Argentinian town! These pictures represent only a FEW of the many companies that – huge in the United States – are down here as well! I was surprised to see so many of them in Mendoza!

And then I passed my favorite Italian coffee shop, Caffe Jack, but sadly, it was closed!

Just after the elegant entrance to the gigantic Parque San Martin, there was a Sunday Artisan’s Market set up near the Visitor’s Center!

My first look at the man-made lake in the interior of the Park was a little disappointing due to the amount of litter floatingĀ  in the algae-colored water!

Gorgeous flowering trees and plants provided brilliant colors throughout the entire Park!

Along the lake’s shoreline and directly across from the artificial island was a large busy Private Club – members only!

It had a gym that was a rockin’ and a rollin’ when I peered in!

Around most of the lake there were two separate paths you could choose to walk. One was along the water, and the other was set up a little higher. I took the slightly higher path! (No pun intended!)

The trees are quite enormous! See the man and woman sitting down near the water? The island is across from them.

There were hundreds of chairs set up on the island for a private Wedding event!

The bridge to the island was guarded making access impossible, but I could see the large tent that was set up for the wedding. I learned that the island can be rented for many different types of events.

Having made my way around most of the lake, I was now able to look across and see the Private Club partially hidden behind the island!

And then I arrived at what I felt to be the most beautiful part of the entire lake area!

At the end of that gorgeous area were a number of statues!

Finally, after several peaceful hours of walking around through the Park, I headed back towards downtown and the hostel.

And what did I see?

I had heard many stories of the Nazi’s coming to Argentina after World War II but I had never seen any sign of them on my trip through Argentina until this point. There – just below the roof peak of a prestigious-looking mansion-like house – was an emblem that suddenly caught my attention!

IĀ  would love to have heard the story behind this one, but I decided that moving along might be a better idea! Who knows ?… there seems to be plenty of evidence indicating many of them did, in fact, move to Argentina as well as to the United States and other places … but I wasn’t going to stick around to question someone if this estate belonged to a Nazi!

I had plans for tomorrow that I wanted to live long enough for – a whole day at a hot springs establishment about an hour’s drive west of Mendoza! It’s called Termas Cacheuta, and I didn’t want to miss it!



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