Termas de Cachueta – Hot Springs of a Higher Magnitude!

The bus took only an hour and a half from Mendoza to arrive at the Termas de Cachueta. It was a stunningly beautiful drive up into a mountain valley that had a river running through it – and hot mineral springs! What an incredible place! From the very first view it was breathtaking!

Circling the entire perimeter of the hot springs pools was a slow moving relatively cool artificial river that you could float in!

I have no idea how many different pools there were – it seemed endless! All different temperatures!

The centerpiece of the establishment was this fountain that kept changing its type of spray patterns and volume!

And there was a slide overseen by a lifeguard that the children and even older folks were enjoying!

The Termas de Cacheuta is open all day every day from morning til evening! And it is VERY popular!

There were cold water falls on both sides of the float river tunnel that were very refreshing!

The nearby river is actually larger than it looks in this picture. Between it and the hot pools are picnic tables where you can have lunch under the shade trees!

This cold water falls was challenging to stand under but I did it anyway, and no, I’m not showing that picture! 🙂

Some of the pools were covered.

The higher pool areas that were covered were used more by families and children.

They had a little restaurant that served all types of chicken dishes and three types of beer – light, medium and black – I chose black! It was pretty good! I think I had a second! 🙂

It was called ‘Pollo al disco with Papas’ and and a negro draft! Delicious!

The view from the restaurant!

I was highly impressed with the creativity in the children’s pool area!

It had a wide slide to go side by side …

… A cool bridge where the kids could dash over to the other slide …

…which circled around down from the top …

… a large snake that didn’t seem to unnerve the kids in the least …

… and a wild array of dumping and shooting water spouts that would go off at will and surprise the kids … as well as me!

And check this! The cacti is supporting a bird nest with chicks! Through artwork the children are learning what actually happens in Nature!

Walking back down to the lower pool area, I discovered that I had missed a secret entrance …

… to a tunnel that led to …

… a naturally heated sauna room! It was quiet and secluded! So nice! And it was underneath the floatie river! Wow! What ingenious construction throughout this entire amazing establishment!

Finally, it was the end of the day and I was relaxed and ready to catch the bus home to the hostel!

Tomorrow I was heading north to San Agustin de Valle Fertil – it would be my jumping off point for tours to two highly acclaimed national parks – Nacional Parque Talampaya and Nacional Parque Ischigualasto! These are two national parks with drop dead STUNNING rock formations! Couldn’t wait!