The World-Famous Wine Region of Peaceful Cafayate!

The bus ride from Amaicha del Valle north to Cafayate was stunningly beautiful! We passed by many vineyards! The wines of this region are known throughout the world due to this area’s high elevation, low humidity, and hot summers/cold winters which support certain types of grapes that make distinct flavors!

The bus terminal was at the very northern end of town which left me having to walk about half a mile back into town to reach my hostel. Crossing the bridge to the village on that walk it was obvious that last night’s drenching downpour hadn’t happened only in Amaicha del Valle, but as far north as here, too!

On the walk to my hostel, I passed a highly attractive coffee shop that I decided to return to after I was situated in my lodgings!

Beyond having the largest choice I’d seen in ages of sinful delectables, it also displayed an amazing collection of antiques! Talk about a blast to the past! If the grid goes down, these folks will be fine!

Cafayate was an attractive, calm town with lots of great shops, museums, wineries, markets and more! I sat with my coffee awhile, looking out the window and contemplating the wonderful world we live in and the diversity – yet sameness – of life around the globe!

And then it was time to wake up from my reverie and visit the Vine and Wine Museum – Museo de la Vid y el Vino!

As this poster states, the highest vineyards in the world are here in the Calchaqui Valley and are known for producing some of the best wines in the world!

This poster shows the various elevations of the wine growing regions of this high valley!

The informational part of the Museum was awesome in relaying the history of the wines and their agricultural needs and why this area is so productive. And then, after those dimly-lit rooms, we stepped out onto a walkway that looked down into their wine bar and store!

At the end of the overhead walkway was one more Museum room with old clay wine fermenting casks!

… and other wine-making equipment of the past!

The entire museum was highly informative and creatively displayed!

The entire building’s construction was highly attractive!

I was highly impressed with this Museum, the town of Cafayate, and the entire region in general!

And tomorrow’s plans were for a day trip to some of the most stunning colorful red rock mountains I have ever seen!  The 5 hour tour will take us to Quebrado de los Conchas (Gorge of the Shells, or Shell Gorge), and my – oh – my! Were WE in for a treat!!?!


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