Sweeping Views of Salta from Cerro San Bernardo!

Salta is the largest city in northern Argentina and a jumping off point for many tours to the rest of the northern areas. To get a sense of the size of Salta, I hiked the gondola hill called Cerro San Bernardo. It’s base park that presented the staircase to the top was only about 1/4 mile from my hostel!

The stone steps up Cerro San Bernardo were in excellent shape and in under an hour I was at the top! The grounds were well maintained!

And the Gondola building was exceptionally modern and beautiful!

Gorgeous flowers were blooming all over the place!

A little stand was selling wines!

I was amazed to see all the attractions available on the top of this small hill!

It truly is a tourist destination stop with trails and activities everywhere!

There was even a marketplace!

… and a kids’ playground!

The southeast side of Cerro San Bernardo had a patio overlooking Salta and the antennae hill to the south!

A group of teens were exercising at the Gym del Cerro! They were super friendly and enjoyed me taking their picture!

Walking towards the vista point below the Gondola Lift I passed a large amphitheater nestled in the trees!

Arriving at the vista point, the view of the large city of Salta spread wide open below me!

Heading back down the stone staircase I arrived again at the park where it starts.

I passed a strange-trunked tree on my return to the hostel … anyone know the name of this critter?

the hike up Cerro San Bernardo had been beautiful and left me wanting to explore more of Salta! That was tomorrow’s mission!


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