Downtown Walking Tour of Historic Cordoba!

There is a free one and a half hour walking tour offered twice daily which begins at the Tourist Center on the St. Martin Plaza in downtown Cordoba! I hadn’t known about it but stumbled across it within minutes of it’s 11 a.m. departure! Lucky find!

Our first stop was a large cathedral on the St. Martin Plaza. It was extremely ornate inside!

From that stop we walked through the busy pedestrian-only shop-filled streets and passed this outdoor duo! They were excellent!

Our next visit was to Museo Cripto Jesuitica – a Jesuit Crypt which was under the main street!

Inside it was the best map of downtown Cordoba I had seen! The green parkway running alongside the large canal that winds through Cordoba is clearly visible, as is the ‘You Are Here’ circle! You can also see at the bottom of the map the beginning of the ultra-large Parque Sarmiento!

The old crypt had been turned into a modern art gallery!

A small scale replica of the entire layout of the crypt was beneath glass!

The history of the Crypt is quite interesting!

There’s even an old drawing from the 1700s!

Back up into the sunshine again, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this skinny multi-level building!

People in Argentina love the good ol’ music! I’m from that era, too, so it’s fun to see this!

Our tour guide took us inside this building, too, but it was another church of sorts and as I’m allowing only one church visit per post, the limit had been met. It really wasn’t that interesting anyway, or I would have broken my rule and posted the few pictures!

At the end of the tour our guide brought us to a street corner where she and one of our group danced together while a hat was passed around collecting tips for her! It was a fun tour through town. You could easily do the same tour on your own, but she spoke excellent English and had more knowledge than the guidebooks offer.

My body’s soreness from yesterday’s car hit was starting to increase, so the afternoon’s wanderings would be a relief with the sit-down tour on an open-topped tour bus that can cover much more of this incredible city of Cordoba!


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