Lush Green River Walk in Villa General Belgrano!

I was heading out for my river walk with a map in hand, but before going I strolled around my wonderful humongously large hostel called Hostel House! This is THE largest property to host a hostel that I’ve ever seen in all my hostel stays! It was within two blocks of downtown yet amazingly quiet and serene!

This friendly gentleman, Freddy, was the host while the owners were away vacationing!

The kitchen is in the back of the window-surrounded dining area!

The living room area with large flat screen TV- DVD player also sported a coffee table covered with information on the region’s activities!

Out back of the Hostel House was a circle of trees with colorful hammocks!

A ping pong table and a swimming pool were off to the side of the hammocks!

The other side of the ultra-large yard had covered seating available!

Walking to the furthest end of their property and looking back towards the Hostel House, you can just see the volleyball net!

The trees are enormous …

… and provided strong branches and the right height for Freddy’s girlfriend and substitute hostess to practice her silks!

She was incredibly talented!

Now ready for my afternoon river walk, I headed toward the far end of town to access one of the trails that follows along this stunning parkway through Villa General Belgrano!

So peaceful and serene, and the water was clean!

There were a number of people also enjoying the river park – this couple and their dog was just one!

Houses were set back up off the river with their own style of access to the park!

These homeowners were amazingly creative with this magical tree house overlooking the river!

According to my map, the river divided just ahead underneath this bridge.  I planned to walk up one fork and then come back down the other fork to return to this same location where I would exit the park and walk back into town. Perched up on the left embankment sits a beautiful restaurant overlooking the river!

The landscape on the return walk was even more open and serene!

After an hour and a half of walking the river, I was back to my exit point.

But once back in town, the skies opened up and a flash rainstorm appeared out of nowhere!

The rainburst stopped after about fifteen minutes and a silent rainbow appeared to let us know that we were spared!

This guy was so happy he started in on the brew!

And this fine gentleman tipped his hat to me, as I …

… as I caught this handsome locomotive for a ride back to the Hostel House! (hee hee!)

The respiratory inflammation that I had experienced now for a month and a half was finally diminishing. I wasn’t back in perfect health yet and I doubted I would be until I returned to locations where I could find pesticide-free organic non-GMO foods again!

There were a few areas in northern Argentina and here in the Cordoba region that sold some organic foods, but sadly most of Argentina has been taken over by Monsanto, Syngenta, DOW Chemical, and many other large chemical, GMO, and agricultural corporations! There is a growing awareness and resistance to this, but it’s only been underway for less than ten years.

The GMO wheat gets sprayed with pesticides, then made into beer, flour for any and all foods made with flour such as crackers, cookies, pies, cereals, breads, you name it, and it also gets fed to cattle which then goes into the milk and meats that people eat! Coca-Cola and other soft drink companies are HUGE in Argentina – a giant portion of their population drink sodas all the time – even children – and BABIES! And horrific smelling chemical sprays and liquids are used daily everywhere for cleaning surfaces and spraying the air!

What has happened with the health of this nation is terribly sad but the people are beginning to rise up and find a new path. However, they appear to be about 40 years behind the U.S. in this movement!  They’ve got a long road ahead to return to healthy living again!

My three months in Argentina had almost come to an end! In a couple more days I would be leaving Villa General Belgrano for Buenos Aires to catch my return flight to the Northern Hemisphere. But before leaving this incredible German town I had two destinations I wanted to climb – the village tower, and the Cerro de la Virgin (Hill of the Virgin). What views and magical moments those activites would bring!




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