Spectacular Views from the Clock Tower and Cerro de la Virgin!

The best high altitude views of Villa General Belgrano can be gained by climbing the eight-story Clock Tower that rises above the Tourist Office on the main street. The fee is nominal and the views are amazing!

At the fifth floor you pass the backside of the clocks!

Upon reaching the top floor, this is what I saw as my head raised above the circular stair case!

It’s a well built highly artistic top floor viewing room!

Looking south down the main street …

… and looking due east to my afternoon mountain hike up to Cerro de la Virgin …

… and looking north up the main street, it was all amazing how much distance could be seen!

When peering straight down, the Tourist Plaza is quite a drop below!

The square viewing room had little alcoves on each corner but they looked a little scary to me so I didn’t step into them!

Every square inch of wall and floor was colorfully painted with images …

… of a compass depicting North, South, East and West, and …

… of the four seasons – Fall …

… Winter …

… Spring …

… and Summer!

Each floor level was nicely tiled and offered great views!

At the next to last floor the circular staircase switched locations!

And then I was back down! What a great little climb with fantastic views THAT was!

Now I was off to walk about a mile and a half through town before finding the entrance to Cerro de la Virgin’s path! It’s just off the main highway that lies on the outskirts of Villa General Belgrano!

After gaining the first little rise I passed through this gate and looked back down onto the town!

Getting higher!

There were several people hanging out at Cerro de la Virgin so I hiked further on up the trail to this little knoll – Pico Aleman – that had an elevation of 997 meters, or 3,271 feet! That meant I had climbed almost 1,000 feet above Villa General Belgrano!

From this elevation I could see a large lake in the distance!

Dark clouds were gathering and making it difficult for my camera to capture good shots!

Check the size of the thorns on this bush! Youch!

Walking back down to the statue at the Virgin memorial, rays of light lit the dark with subtle beauty!

The clouds were only in the west – looking east the sky was clear! There was a small prayer box at the base of the statuary …

… that held flowers and a small porcelain Virgin sculpture!

One last look at the sweeping expansive view of Villa General Belgrano and it’s region before heading back down the trail!

The blessed rays of beauty and hope spread out before me onto the town below!

My days in Villa General Belgrano were drawing to a close. I had been here a week, had almost totally recovered from the horrible respiratory inflammation I had contracted about a month and a half prior, and I was feeling pretty certain that my ears would now pop as they should on my return flight home.

Imagine my surprise when Freddy, the stand-in host at the Hostel House, told me I could have a free day because I had already stayed a week! Wonderful! I would use that day to go see one more German town on a day tour – La Cumbrecita! It was only an hour and a half bus ride away and was supposed to be every bit as marvelous as Villa General Belgrano! What a delight! The magic wasn’t quite over!


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