Ferry Across the Rio de la Plata for a Day in Colonia, Uruguay!

Several ferries serve transport from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay, but fortunately I had learned a day before from a Tourist booth in town that Buquebus was one of the better ones. I arrived at the ferry dock thirty minutes earlier than we had been advised …

…walked up the ramp alongside the incredible water wall (yes, there’s a thin layer of water running down this huge wall!) …

… and looked back at the line I had avoided by arriving early!

The Buquebus ferry was off on time while others were over an hour late in departing!

Our ferry pulled out of the large Darsena Norte marina!

During our crossing of the Rio de la Plata, one of Uruguay’s islands could be seen in the distance!

Approaching Colonia, Uruguay!

In the distance a different ferry line was heading back to Buenos Aires!

This Buquebus passed us – it was a smaller, speedier ship than ours, and much filthier in exhaust, too!

I had not realized that for a one day ferry tour we’d have to go through immigration just like all airlines require. My little snack sack of an apple, a brand new bag of sundried tomatoes, a brand new bag of walnuts, a full can of peanuts, and the last of some delicious dried figs that I was planning on finishing off were all confiscated! I was quite upset about it as I’ve had such trouble finding healthy foods in Argentina and I suspected Uruguay might be similar!

I decided if they wanted to steal my snacks at the border, I would not honor their country by purchasing ANYTHING during this entire day’s visit! Fortunately, the customs agent had somehow missed the separate hard-boiled egg bag so I was able to survive for the rest of the day! And, the tour included a free meal which I would collect on the return ferry. A one-day fast on hard-boiled eggs would work just fine.

Our tour bus was waiting for us outside the Ferry Terminal and took us just a few blocks to the Historic District area that once upon a time was the main Fort town of Colonia. We were given an hour to walk around this area before catching the bus again. Our first sight was the old Fort!

There are so many pink flowering trees – stunning!

… With gorgeous green parrots in them!

The old lighthouse behind the park.

A small vendors market in the park.

The lighthouse cost extra to climb to the top … I had already made my promise – I will spend no more money! Yes, I was being stubborn!

Some of the old stone buildings had beautiful green ferns and ivy growing up their walls!

A particularly beautiful building and street!

Another old one! Amazing stonework!

At the end of that long stone wall you turn the corner and this end of the building is white – no more stone!

This park shows ground structures that long ago were the foundations for building’s walls.

Another look at a different street along the park!

The entire town was filled with tours from all over the place! Masses of people listening to the guides was a common sight all day!

I’d never seen this small of a car before!

Restaurants were absolutely EVERYWHERE! And they all looked good! But I was enjoying my hard-boiled eggs!

A group of our bus tour members were walking together from a park-side street through a pedestrian-only grass and walkway down to another road when a young man on a motorcycle came riding up through our crowd! Everyone stared and got out of the way as fast as possible!

When he tried to get his motorcycle up a huge rock step, it got hung up and he tried lifting the rear wheel over it. He was stuck!

Meanwhile, sirens were blaring and from two different directions two motorcycle police showed up! In no time flat they had this guy on the ground and were handcuffing him! THAT’S why he had driven up a pedestrian-only walkway – he was trying to escape! Apparently he had stolen the motorcycle! What a scene to witness! We all raised a round of applause for the police!

One of the old Fort walls.

Parked along one of the many roads I walked was this old tiny trailer!

And then we all rendezvoused at our pre-arranged meeting place for our bus tour!

One of the places we passed was this enormous soccer stadium!

After about a 9 kilometer ride the bus turned around at the entrance of a long paved road that led to a private community called the Sheraton Estates! It even had a golf course! We drove back to Colonia and the Historic District along the Rio de la Plata!

I always enjoy seeing the children’s playgrounds!

The bus dropped us off near the Historic District and I walked along the waterfront that I’d not yet seen! What gorgeous restaurants all over town! Darn!

These old walls had been left to stand while the rest of the building is gone!

This is the old map of Colonia per 1777!

A contorted foundation most likely used for the Fort’s military purposes!

This wooden creation was MOST impressive!

All the streets in the Historic District are cobblestone, and all the buildings are original!

THIS was a hoot! First you have police capturing a young man, and now you have two fish that have been captured in a car! Pretty funny scene, THIS one!

Many of the homes along the streets have a tree growing next to their main entrance.

This was the only street I saw that was tree-lined!

And SOOOO many restaurants … sigh! But …. they are all VERY expensive, so I lucked out in a way!

One of the least decorative, most simple churches I’d seen in my entire trip!

More outside seating for restaurants.

This one looked interesting so I decided to go in! It was quite beautifully appointed!

Out on the street again I saw this great door knocker!

And this amazing sculpture!

And of course, more restaurants!

This one looked unique so again I decided to enter! It’s sign says ‘Art Gallery Restaurant’!

Yup, it was truly beautiful! Very creative! And out back it had a unique display of a whale skeleton …

… and a statue of some kind of bear?

This map gives a good picture of the Historic District with the circle around it, and the route the bus took all along the curved waterfront to the top of the map and then back down again to the point! The red dot with the number 9 is the Ferry Terminal!

I took a meander by myself past old stone buildings …

… out to the waterfront of Rio de la Plata …

… into a parking lot to look at this antique automobile …

… and onto these old stone streets!

Near the waterfront this tree’s roots were going crazy!

More of the old Fort!

Nope! No, I didn’t! I PROMISE! I was soooo full of hard-boiled eggs I couldn’t POSSIBLY!

Back at the entrance to the Fort where our bus had first stopped now stood a man doing his stand-still-forever act for tips! He is NOT a statue, though he does look like one!

And there was the Buquebus waiting for us!

Parked outside the main entrance to the Ferry Terminal were these great little tour vehicles!

And then finally our ferry delivered us back to the port in Buenos Aires. I walked the lovely evening back to my hostel past the long waterfront with the incredible suspension bridge …

… high rises …

… masses of people standing and walking out on the suspension bridge – can you see them? …

… the beautiful schooner vessel all lit for the evening …

… and a peaceful fountain! It had been a long, interesting, colorful day!

Tomorrow would be my last full day in Buenos Aires before I caught my return flight to the Northern Hemisphere! I had one last thing on my docket to do before departing Argentina – I had not yet seen a Tango performance!

A sweet woman traveler I’d met at my hostel had told me about a place where performances were held. We walked by it in the daytime to check it out and were so impressed we bought tickets for tomorrow night! What a stunning way to end an amazing trip – Tango your way home! We knew it would be fun, we just didn’t know HOW MUCH FUN! That’s next!




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