Health Retreats

Long ago I was not in the best of health. A number of different problems upset my life quite significantly, and because I did not have the money or insurance to receive standard medical treatment, I was forced to resort to learning the natural methods of healing. Not only did my problems become completely healed, but I became more and more interested in ALL forms of natural healing.

After working as a Massage Therapist in Southern California for 4 years, I earned my degree as a Naturopathic Doctor. My goal was not to hang a shingle out over an office door, but to become educated enough to hold superior juice fasting retreats, which I did for over ten years in the Palm Springs area of California, and also in Washington, Oregon and Mexico.

I plan to hold more retreats in the future. You can check my juice fasting website to see when and where the next ones will be held. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to hold one in your area.

My email address is:

Here is the link to my juice fasting retreat website: