Who is Sayward?

It’s amazing – isn’t it? – how fast time passes!

My first breath was in the arms of my Father who delivered me from my very trusting Mother at their home in Anchorage, Alaska. They were a “Jack and Jill of all trades, Master of none”, which was a requirement for living in Alaska during those days.

Dad was a homesteader, a carpenter and a bush pilot in his single engine fixed wing Aronca Champ. Mom was a homesteader, child raiser, a Life Guard at the city pool, and she also worked in a Marine Biology Lab.

When I was eight years old our family of five left Alaska on a magical trip down the Al-Can Highway through Canada and then into the U.S., down the Pacific Coast, across the southern states and up the East Coast all the way to New Hampshire, my parent’s home state.  That trip set the stage for the rest of my life’s wanderlust!

Though most of my life was filled with work – whose isn’t? – I’m now at that point on the Timeline where it’s ‘Do it Now, Or Never!’  For many years my dream has been to see as much of the world’s great wonders as possible before I become too old to do so, especially the archaeological sites (I worked in that field for a number of years and still keep abreast of the most recent discoveries), Earth’s stunning natural places, and unique cultural locations and their magnificent events.

I invite you to travel vicariously with me through this website. If you have any suggestions as to places to visit, or may be in a location where I might be and want to meet up, or if you have additional ideas about traveling, etc., please feel free to contact me through the ‘Contact’ page on my menu.  To receive my posts directly into your Inbox, use the Subscribe box on the right sidebar. No worries, I will not share your information with anyone.

As a Savvy Solo Senior, I’m off to live, see, experience, travel, learn, laugh, love, dance, sing, and a whole lot more, hopefully! Come along for the ride, see the world with me, and let’s enjoy this incredible planet we call Earth, its people, plants, animals and Nature while “We’re still on the right side of the dirt”, as a dear old friend used to quip!

In Joy, Sayward